Formation and HistoryEdit

Formed from the remnants of NASA after the Second American Civil War, NASC was one of several large companies providing surface-orbit transportation, low-orbit space habitation, and spacing technologies of all kinds. The completion of the West Pacific Space Elevator in 2111 reduced the company's launch costs by several orders of magnitude, paving the way for rapid expansion of humanity's presence in space - and a rapid expansion of NASC's market share. Manned expeditions were sent as far as Jupiter's moons, and automated deep space probes were sent to every known star system in a 100-ly radius.

NASC also had a large and well-funded experimental physics department, which produced dozens of incredible technologies. The 2119 development of faster-than-light line-of-sight communications was a second turning point in the company's history, leading to the establishment of a large network of FTL communicator buoys throughout the solar system and a new wave of FTL-linked extrasolar probes. In 2151, one of these probes reported the discovery of the near-supernova white dwarf TK-421, setting off the chain of events that led to the collapse of the world's governments, the rise of the supercorporations - of which NASC was one - and the emergency evacuation of Earth.

In-Game RoleEdit

NASC is one of only two companies to offer colony-preparation contracts to mercenary companies. Accepting contracts from NASC grants the right to license their more advanced technologies.

NASC specializes in space-based technology. The technologies that can be licensed from NASC include:

  • Drive technologies allow your VN probe to travel more quickly, giving you more time to complete the mission before the arrival of the colonists.
  • Communications technologies reduce the command latency, allowing more flexible command of your probe and its 'children'.
  • Satellite technologies augment your satellite with new capabilities.

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